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IndieWeb for end-users

Indieweb for end-users - some thoughts by Rob FairheadRob Fairhead (Raretrack's Known Site)

I'd also like to mention Homebrew Website Clubs. I was really attracted to these when I first knew about the IndieWeb, but have never actually been to one. The impression I got is that they were more for coding and developing than helping end-users to improve their own websites, incorporate blogging, etc. I think I'm wrong (and am very glad to be!), but do we always present an inclusive 'all levels of experience welcome' approach?

None of this is intended to sound ungrateful for what we've got and where we are now - quite the opposite. Without the highly-skilled and commited developers we have, and the shared vision of IndieWeb, we wouldn't have anything to talk about improving (we'd be oblivious in our walled gardens!). I am massively grateful for the work and efforts of the IndiewWeb community, and only want to help us collectively improve and attract others to join.

Photo by Christopher Burns. I am grateful to David Shanske, Matthias Pfefferle and others who have put skill and effort into making building and IndieWeb WordPress site easier. I can't imagine trying to write microformats and webmentions into my web site by hand. Yikes! But as someone with a background in tech (and a former…

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