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How to create an OS X Snow Leopard Installation on a Flash Drive

The Problem Recently some of my MacBook hardware failed. The MacBook had sat in a corner unused for a long time. My iPad has come to replace it as my main portable device. Most of what I wanted to do — read the news, email, calendar, magazines — can be done quite easily from my iPad. The MacBook was neglected and somehow it's battery and SuperDrive failed. I sent it off to a repair shop which confirmed that indeed the…

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The Season of Stuff

I looked through all the Black Friday flyers, not because I wanted (or needed) anything, but because I was helping find bargains for friends and family I knew were looking for specific items. I ended up buying a heavily discounted blu-ray player that had been on my wish-list for some time.  I assuaged my guilt by donating my three year old DVD player to my brother-in-law. minimalmac: You can pledge to get rid of an amount of stuff equal to…

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Experience Reports

It's not evenly distributed

I've used and I must say .. I am blown away. On an a MacBook ( suppots Ubuntu Linux, OS X, and AppleTV at this time ), with supplied Apple remote this thing easily gives TiVo a run for the money. With Netflix, YouTube, and Hulu support, these guys are definitely onto something. Have you read about how TiVo and Netflix are teaming up? Soon, you will be able to stream your Netflix Instant queue directly to your TiVo.…

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