Montgomery Township, New Jersey

Replacing your computer with an iPad

There are still some challenges that could keep you going back to your old computer from time to time just to get things done. If you are looking to put off a computer upgrade a little longer, or leave your personal computer days behind you all together, then the following tips to get over some…

Photo App Review : vividHDR

I love HDR photography. In case you don't know what that is you can head over to Trey Ratcliff's web site for an explanation. Here's my quick version. In HDR photography the photographers takes at least two (three or more is better) exposure bracketed and through the magic of software algorithms combines them into a…

Thank you

This can represents the first time someone has ever paid me for a photography lesson. It's also the first time I've ever been paid with food. I spent 30 minutes of my lunch hour last week teaching the pizzeria owner's wife how to use her new Canon DSLR. Published via Pressgram