What's in my eReader?

I have way too much in the un-read area of my e-book readers ( I read on my iPad using iBooks, Kindle, and Readmill ). I've had the Kindle app since it first was released on iPad, but I don't keep all my books downloaded (to save a bit of space).   I have a lot of books in the "cloud".   Most of these, I probably won't read.  Most are free or public domain books so deleting them won't be a big deal.

I like the [Readmill](http://readmill.com/) app. It feels more like an RSS reader. That's a good thing for me. I feel like I'm just reading long form articles; 10 pages instead of 200. I feel like I can finish reading. No pressure. The app also times my pace and let's me know how much longer before I finish reading.  I finished reading Cory Doctorow's [I, Robot](http://readmill.com/books/i-robot) short story on Readmill and fell in love with the author. I've queued up once of his other books, [Makers](http://readmill.com/books/makers). It's a free ePub book.

Although I have a few books in Kindle format I've decided to stop purchasing books through Amazon. Although most e-book sellers use some form of DRM, Amazon.com, uses a proprietary book format.  iBooks, Readmill and others uses the [ePub](http://idpf.org/epub) standard.  I can import DRM free ePub books into iBooks or Readmill or Kobo but not into Kindle.  I would have to go to Amazon.com and get the Kindle version of the book. I've started purchasing DRM-free ePub formated books from [feedbooks](http://www.feedbooks.com/).  [Kobo](http://www.kobobooks.com/free_ebooks) also has a lot of free ebooks.

So here's my reading lists in my various eReaders.






Nokia says no to Ogg

Picked up a story over on the Linux and Open Source blog about Nokia petition to have the Ogg format removed from a W3C standard.  Seems Nokia does not like the idea of free and open standards and might be afraid of the impact to their business model. 

Sad to read such news. Looks like Nokia has growth issues and problems with a management - while right hand goes to the open world, left hand trashes all efforts to the hell.What the hell there should be DRM in my device? How far this DRM idiocy can go? When pirated content is better than original one, that’s a real shame for authors. This shows how far abuse of monopoly power can go in modern world.

(Via : WTF: Nokia Wants W3C to Remove Ogg from Upcoming HTML5 « Linux and Open Source Blog )