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Mary Penny hands out maps and information about Montgomery Friends of Open Space.—Nikon D40 + 35 mm f/1.8 @ 35 mm, f/2.8

D&R Canal Walk with Montgomery Friends of Open Space

Last weekend I went for a long — 5 miles — walk along the Delaware and Raritan Canal with my family. The walk was organized by the Montgomery Friends of Open Space and The D&R Canal Watch. It snowed the night before so it was cold that morning but we bundled up and drove to…

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Port Mercer

A few us have been using the recent warmer weather to take our cameras out for a walk. Despite the higher allergen count I ignored my itchy eyes and irritated nostrils and decided to join my colleges. We piled into a car and drove over the bridge near Quaker Road that marks the line between…

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