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It DOES take long to create.

Introducing a Semantic Web Server by Donald McIntosh

So how much effort is it to create metadata for new blog? Here is an example.

resource:introducing-a-semantic-web-server a resource:blog ;
           dc:creator resource:donaldmcintosh ;
           dc:created "2016-04-13T11:07:00"^^xsd:dateTime ;
           dc:title "Introducing a semantic web Server" ;
           triki:include content:introducing-a-semantic-web-server.md ;
           triki:restricted triki:public .

It does not take long to create.

This solution, in my opinion, is only quick and easy for the 2% of users with the technical expertise to understand it. Facebook, Twitter, et al. have nothing to fear.

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Reclaiming the Web

Web of Deceit

NIKON D40 50mm f/3.5 ISO-400 1/40sec Khürt L. Williams
Reclaiming our Web by Donald McIntosh

Hopefully this articulates a web where we control our content, publish it from our own site, decide who sees it and allows us to efficiently pull in other content. It allows us to control the context in which our content is viewed. We do not need to send all our content to some third party for the priviledge of sharing it. And the web may evolve into an infinitely more interesting, diverse, personalised and fulfilling place.

Donald McIntosh has beautiful dreams. I wish the future web was more evenly distributed.

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