Dog Run Bar

Before leaving Zion Crossing Park I called Bhavna. It was close to lunchtime. She reminded me that I had wanted to visit the new farm market stand at the Brick Farm Tavern.

The backyard at Brick Farm Tavern was bathed in the brilliant glow of the midday sun. The sun hung high in the sky, casting its rays over the snow-clad yard. The sky was endless blue.

The picnic tables and chairs lay scattered, each blanketed in a layer of fresh untouched and pristine snow.

The Dog Run bar wore a cap of snow, its white roof mirroring the ground below. The Dog Run bar, usually bustling with energy and life, was still.

I popped into the market. I had a good chat with Otto, one of the owners abkut winter and vacations. I bought a French baguette to make a sandwich for lunch, and back bacon and eggs to make breakfast.

Dog Run Bar

The weather was just right. Not cold, not hot. After photographing the turtles sunbathing on the Delaware and Raritan Canal, I drove to Hopewell to sit and enjoy a cold beer at the Dog Run Bar.

This morning's weather was simply delightful – a perfect balance that avoided the extremes of cold and hot. It was one of those rare mornings where I couldn't help but feel grateful for being outside, soaking in the pleasant atmosphere. With my camera in tow, I headed to Carnegie Lake to capture the thrilling races, the oars slicing through the water with grace and power. The day was full of promise, and I wanted to savour every moment.

After capturing the lively scenes of the races, I couldn't resist the charm of the turtles sunbathing lazily nearby. These little creatures seemed to embody the essence of relaxation, basking in the warm sun with a contagious sense of tranquillity. My camera clicked away, preserving the serene scene for posterity.

Leaving the turtles to their sun-soaked bliss, I ventured to the Delaware and Raritan Canal, where people indulged in the peaceful art of fishing. There's something meditative about fishing – casting the line and waiting patiently for a catch, surrounded by the soothing sounds of the canal. I couldn't resist capturing these moments, finding beauty in the simplicity of people connecting with nature.

As the morning unfolded, I felt a growing thirst, and my thoughts turned to Brick Farm Tavern. At the Dog Run Bar, I relished a refreshing beer while basking in the outdoor ambience. The tavern's setting provides the perfect backdrop to unwind and enjoy life's simple pleasures.

Dog Run Bar at Brick Farm Tavern.
Saturday 22 April 2023 · FujiFilm X-T3 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR

I noticed a familiar face at a nearby table. It was my friend David, and his adorable baby accompanied him. How could I resist the opportunity to say hello and exchange warm greetings? The joy of reconnecting with old friends, especially amidst such a wonderful day, is a feeling that's hard to describe.

We exchanged stories about life, parenthood, and the simple pleasures of a day like this one. His baby gurgled and giggled, filling the air with infectious happiness. It was a heartwarming scene, reminding me of the beauty that lies in the connections we make with one another.

Saturday 22 April 2023 · FujiFilm X-T3 · XF16-55mmF2.8 R LM WR

After catching up with David and admiring the adorable baby, I eventually settled into a comfortable spot at the Dog Run Bar. With a cold beer, I took a moment to reflect on the day so far. It had been a day of tranquillity, simple joys, and human connections – a reminder that life's true treasures often lie in the little moments we encounter.