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This week I’ve celebrated Diwali with my wife and her family. During this week we will visit the home of each family member, in turn, to break bread and be thankful for all that has happened throughout the last year and celebrate the new. Thanksgiving is my favourite American holiday and Diwali reminds me of…

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Happy Diwali—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 21 mm, f/2.4, ISO275

Happy Diwali

The kids have been celebrating the start of the Diwali holiday with their Ami Massi. Yesterday they made rangoli with each of their names. [caption id="attachment_45640" align="aligncenter" width="1200"] Happy Diwali—Sony CYBERSHOT + Sony @ 9.3 mm, f/2.0, ISO100[/caption] Together (Shaan, Kiran, Tejus, Nandani) they decorated windows with coloured markers. They drew Happy Diwali and Ganipathy.…

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