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Digital Ocean is fantastic. I’m asking for my money back with Dreamhost.

I've hosted my WordPress website on Digital Ocean for a few years and absolutely love them. I ran out of storage today but upgrading to a new level server (double the capacity of the previous one) was a simple process that took about 15 minutes.

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How to Secure a new Linux WordPress Server

Welcome by an author (Daniel Brinneman)

The first line of defense in all of hosting and following sections I’ll write about, this being a subtle ‘zero’ or the least thought about topic of consideration, is your choice of usernames and passwords. I’ve had way too many clients always default to these two habits. The first is choosing a username that the whole of WordPress new sites used to have on install, ‘admin’ (no longer the case) and second, choosing a password that was easy for them to remember from anywhere. And then using that same combination on every single online account they had, even their personal accounts. Yikes! And even after I had generated a secure password for them, they changed it to something “easier” to remember. That always makes me feel extremely uneasy because I already can guess what’s in their site’s future. I have my clients’ best interest in mind when I generate those cumbersome passwords.

Update: Daniel moved his content to a new domain. This fixes a broken link. Let's hope I don't have to do this again. Fellow, user, Daniel Brinneman recent wrote an article on how to harden a WordPress website. Daniel's piece is well written and covers the basics. Please visit his site. While Daniel and…

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