I deleted my account. There was no value there for me.

A few months after I wrote to Manton about my frustrations and I complained to Jean about the challenge of discovery, I deleted my account. There was no value for me.

Updated to add links to the other early users who have left.

Belle B. Cooper on Why I'm leaving

It feels to me like we're all at a party at Manton's house. Unlike a public, community-run event, where you can have a say if you think things could be done better, if you don't like how a host runs their house party, you just leave. And those who agree with how the host does things, or like the rest of the people at the party enough to put up with it, stay.

Greg Morris on Bye

There is also a real echo chamber on the platform; it is predominantly US-centric. I am not sure of the location of registered accounts, but the feeds and noise always appear very skewed towards American issues. However, this could be linked to discoverability, as it’s impossible to find people to follow without putting in real work – but enough about the negatives.

Numeric Citizen.

But, who’s on micro. blog these days? Why is it so hard to discover new people to follow? (Read link post by Matt Birchler on this subject). It is impossible to see who’s popular and attracting a lot of people. I don’t even know how many people are following me. Why this obscured view? I think these design decisions are part of the problem on this platform. It makes it look like a communist party. Don’t get me wrong, the comparison stops there. It looks like they want to promote some form of apparent user equality which may be a good idea on paper but in reality, it isn’t, for me at least.

Beardy Guy.

The community is, er, intimate? From what I can tell, it’s very small. TINY. I pop in every so often and near as I can tell, it seems like the same 30 users on my discover feed. It feels like a club or a big Slack channel. That’s not a bad thing but it feels like the opposite of the “open web”. The upside is that it always feels very polite, positive and affirming. There’s little to no snark. I love that. The overall result is that it feels like good, interesting, healthy sharing but really limited in diversity and because it’s such a small pool of people it doesn’t feel real. It feels too curated, controlled. Again, it feels the opposite of the open web.