Understanding China’s AI Strategy by Gregory C. Allen (cnas.org)

In the second half of 2018, I traveled to China on four separate trips to attend major diplomatic, military, and private-sector conferences focusing on Artificial Intelligence (AI). During these trips, I participated in a series of meetings with high-ranking Chinese officials in China’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs, leaders of China’s military AI research organizations, government think tank experts, and corporate executives at Chinese AI companies. From these discussions – as well as my ongoing work analyzing China’s AI industry, policies, reports, and programs – I have arrived at a number of key judgments about Chinese leadership’s views, strategies, and prospects for AI as it applies to China’s economy and national security. Of course, China’s leadership in this area is a large population with diversity in its views, and any effort to generalize is inherently presumptuous and essentially guaranteed to oversimplify. However, the distance is large between prevailing views in American commentary on China’s AI efforts and what I have come to believe are the facts. I hope by stating my takeaways directly, this report will advance the assessment of this issue and be of benefit to the wider U.S. policymaking community.

Gregory C. Allen at the Center for a New American Security has produced a report with analysis and insights into China’s AI strategy with national and cyber-security implications for the commercial, government, and military sectors.

! I think is a continuation of the work the Jericho Forum123 was doing back in the early mid 00’s when talking about perimeter-less networks and open-network environments. I think Google is doing some fascinating and useful work here and they are self-dog fooding. I expect they have all the data to prove their point of view. I’m doubtful that many CISO are ready to embrace this and even if they are, maybe reluctant to bring it before their organizations’s board.

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