Shooting Sideways by Otto von Münchow (In Flow with Otto)
Shooting sideways is a way to ensure that I, as a photographer, do not get stuck in my photographic vision, but rather seek new ways to express myself. The more experienced we become in our art, the more we run a risk of sinking into some standard routines. We know what works, and we apply this knowledge in our creative endeavour. And in so doing we actually stop being creative and our art becomes rather boring.
I think projects like these are important for getting one out of a rut and stimulating the creative juices. But sometimes it can lead to angst and frustration. My Nikon broke at the start of 2018 and a few months later my client abruptly ended my consulting contact (no explanation given) after 5 years. So…
Sourland Mountain, Scott Kelby Photo Walk

Creativity Trap

The Creativity Trap by Olaf (
Just taking photos doesn’t equate to being creative. It is a rare phenomenon that needs the right habitat – the less you label everything you do as creative, the more easily you will recognize that you did indeed pull off NEW, DIFFERENT and WELL-CRAFTED.
[exif id="32130"] I’ve got some work to do.

Gear doesn’t make you a good photographer

[exif id="32108"] Photographer David Shaw on finding creativity with less gear. There is a lot of pressure to BE one of those people with the huge camera bag and big lenses. But the reality is that your gear has nothing to do with how good you are as a photographer. Gear helps, it’s even necessary…