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Craig Mod’s Review of the iPad Pro

Getting the iPad to Pro by Craig Mod

I’ve used iPads for eight years. Ever since the incredibly clunky — but oddly enthralling — version one.1 Mostly, it’s been confusing. Just what the heck are these things for? They’re definitely excellent for hypnotizing small children at restaurants. But since 2017, with the release of iOS 11 and basic multitasking, you could maybe — just maybe — earnestly use them as potential laptop replacements.

These new iPads may be gorgeous pieces of kit, but the iPad Pros of 2017 were also beautiful machines — svelte and overpowered. In fact, the iPad Pro hardware, engineering, and silicon teams are probably the most impressive units at Apple of recent years. The problem is, almost none of the usability or productivity issues with iPads are hardware issues.

Which is to say: For years now, the iPad’s shortcomings are all in iOS.

On a gut level, today’s iPad hardware feels about two or three years ahead of its software. Which is unfortunate, but not unfixable.

I was particularly interested in Craig’s experience as a photographer using the iPad Pro. My experiences and frustrations have been similar to Craig’s. Craig goes on to document his experiences trying to complete certain tasks (editing a spreadsheet, multiple documents etc.) on the iPad Pro. Please read it.

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Craft inhabits whatever medium or tool you work with

The Future of Photography is in Software by Craig Mod

One of the unexpected joys of shooting with my iPhone has been finding out just how much craft exists in a place supposedly bereft of craft. It’s an oddly rigid assessment to assume a smartphone somehow denies craft from the user. In fact, the argument that craft dissipates as modalities simplify or digitize is so old as to be a running joke for any new media practitioner. From physical to digital film editing, from physical to digital graphic design, from anything to the iPad, and from physical to digital photography, we’ve heard it before: Craft is lost!

My belief is much simpler: craft inhabits whatever medium or tool you work with if you let it.

This is a lengthy and well-written post on photography by Craig Mod. Well worth the read. Neither Instapaper nor Pocket rendered the page correctly. Open in a web browser.

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