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Adding style to perl code

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Perl has always been my favourite command line and web programming language. There is nothing Perl can’t do. The Perl language combined with the large quantities of modules on CPAN (developed by some of the best programmers on the planet) make it the kitchen sink of programming languages. I like to make my code as easy to read as possible. Nothing irks me more than a jumble of spaghetti code with indents and curly braces everywhere. I admit that there…

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User CPAN installation broken

Here is a workaround for a common problem. You do not have root access to perl but want to install perl libraries. Normally the user can use CPAN with local libraries (PERL5LIB). Sometimes CPAN gets comfused and you get an error like this: Your configuration suggests "/root/.cpan" as your working directory. I could not create this directory due to this error: mkdir /root/.cpan: Permission denied at /data/eva/perl/lib/perl5/site_perl/5.8.0/ line 552 I google around and found this solution: Execute the following…

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