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COVID-19 Pandemic


Socially distancing = loneliness, isolation, illness, and despair.

Another one in case you are not convinced. Although there’s been no time to study the effects of social distancing related specifically to the coronavirus, we know a great deal about the impact of social isolation on mental and physical health. It’s often experienced as highly stressful, and the stress can become toxic. Isolation, particularly when it causes loneliness, increases the risk of anxiety and depression. Social isolation has the equivalent adverse impact on physical health to smoking 15 cigarettes…

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Family Walk

Bhavana didn't have to twist my arm. The kids and I wanted some fresh air and a walk from our home to the trails around Van Horne seemed like the right thing to do. It was a bit chilly but with our coats zipped up we walked and talked about the things families talk about. School, friends, family. We discovered a new mini trail between Princeton Avenue in Rocky Hill and the Princeton Hills apartments on Blue Spring Road. I…

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