Buy the Cup Town Bully

Bhavna's elimination diet has ended and she is slowly re-introducing certain foods. Last Sunday she started drinking coffee again. Since this was sort of a treat she got to choose the coffee we've been drinking this week; Buy the Cup Town Bully. Town Bully has a bold flavour without being bitter (like that rubbish from Starbucks). Town Bully is a blend of two other coffees. While I tend to be a purest and prefer single-origin coffee, Bhavna prefers blends. Maybe that's why she married me ( the West African, Portuguese, French, Scottish, Native American ) and I married her ( the Gujurati Brahmin ).

Roaster: Rockaffe

Buy The Cup Papua New Guinea

I haven't posted much in the last few weeks. I've been busy helping my new client and I've had a very busy social life in the evenings. Hopefully, this weekend I can get out in the early morning and get some photos in.

Bhavna hasn't been drinking coffee so my last bag of beans lasted longer than usual. The office where I'm working has no coffee machine and the nearest coffee-house is a Dunkin Donuts. Not my favourite. But I used the last of the beans yesterday. I picked up a half-pound of Papua New Guinea from Buy the Cup this morning and brewed four cups to take to the office. Bhavana starts drinking coffee tomorrow.

Roaster: Rockaffe

Buy The Cup Tanzania Peaberry

I finished Rwanda over the weekend so dropped into Buy the Cup for some beans. Vitaliy has so much variety I was overwhelmed by choice. I settled on something I've had before, Tanzania Peaberry.

Rich chocolate flavour with hints of blackcurrant, and a soft, sweet finish. Lively cup with a full body and distinguished aroma.

Roaster: Rockaffe