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Buy the Cup Ethiopian Sidamo

Vitaliy, roaster and owner of Buy the Cup in Rocky Hill, has experimented with some new beans. The latest is Ethiopian Sidamo. Some of the world’s finest coffees, such as Harrar and Yirgacheffee, originate in Ethiopia and are named for the region of origin. You can count Sidamo among them.…

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Bodum Bistro Electric Burr Coffee Grinder

Bodum, Grinder, Coffee Beans, Apples

I bought a new coffee grinder. I've wanted one for a while. For about ten years. I've been telling myself it's too expensive. I've been buying freshly ground coffee each week from Buy the Cup in Rocky Hill and storing the grounds in an airtight container. It's good quality coffee, but the coffee grounds start to taste a bit flat by the end of the week. But now I can buy freshly roasted beans and grind them myself. I can…

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