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Usage [-netrc] [-u <i>user</i>] [-p <i>passwd</i>] -m server -s source_dir -t target_dir [-log_dir <i>/path/to/logs/file</i>] file1 file2 ... # Copyright 2000 Williams Interactive, Inc. # Programmer: Khurt Williams, 2000.10.18 # command switches are # -netrc : uses .netrc file to find user/passwd for the destination server # -u <i>user</i> : specify the user id #…
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Camel POOP – Perl Object Oriented Programming

I wrote this article for the CodeProject back in 2002 during my first consulting career as a web developer as a way to boost my visibility. I am capturing it here for my archives. The article is based on Perl 5.
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Learning to Code is Damn Hard

Why Learning to Code is So Damn Hard (Thinkful)

...for the most part, ... introductory tools do a great job of guiding you like a child in a crosswalk past the big scary variables and conditional statements and through the early phases of programming syntax. As you conquer one after another of their gamified challenges, your confidence rises. Maybe you can do this after all! How hard can it be? You're basically a developer already!

I've written code since I was about 13 (1980). First BASIC, then later Pascal, assembler, C, C++, Perl, Java, PHP etc. Back in the 1980s, everyone was self-taught. You either figured it out or you didn't. No Google. No online tutorials. Learning a new language -- the basic syntax etc -- takes time is you've…