Spoils from a cow party (BoffoSocko)

A few months back, I got roped into joining in on a co-op purchase of a whole cow that was estimated to come in at around 600 pounds. It was grass fed, organically raised, and was to be humanely butchered, packaged, and frozen. I made an initial $200 deposit, and this morning I paid the $290.50 balance at what was billed as a “Cow Party”. Thirteen of the “partners” got together at 11:30am to draw lots to form a line to take turns choosing individual cuts from the cow. Though it was just one entire cow, the butcher threw in some additional tongues, testicles, and other additional offal for us to select from as well. Here’s what was included in my 18 turns: 1.2 lb New York steak, bone in 1.0 lb New York steak, bone in 1.2 New York steak, bone in 1.4 lb Ribeye, bone in 0.5 lb top sirloin steak 0.5 lb top sirloin steak 2.4 lb bottom round roast 2.5 lb beef tritip large 0.4 lb top sirloin steak 1.9 lb beef short ribs 1.1 lb stew beef 1.1 lb stew beef 1.1 lb stew beef 1.2 lb beef cheek 1.4

Chris, I only occasionally (a few times a year) ate beef when I was growing up in the West Indies. Small mountainous volcanic islands don’t have the flat land and resources to raise cattle. I ate chiefly fish, chicken, goat and lamb and the fish were almost invariably freshly caught that day. The chicken was always purchased frozen and was imported.

My wife is a vegetarian. The kids and I are not but we infrequently eat beef outside of the weekend summer burger. And in recent years not even that. My son won’t touch beef so we’ve switched to turkey burgers from the local poultry farm.

How are you doing to eat that much beef that quickly? How will you prevent freezer burn? Looking forward to seeing your recipes.

Instagram’s Christmas Crackdown | The Atlantic by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Boffo Socko)

Read Instagram’s Christmas Crackdown (The Atlantic)No meme account is safe—not even @God.
There are so many reasons here for these folks to join the IndieWeb. A solid, popular feed reader would solve many of these problems.
“We are our own BuzzFeed,” said Declan Mortimer, a 16-year-old who r…

Yes, many reasons made repeatedly evident by Instagram’s past an current actions. We (the collective web of online media small and large) have warned about building on someone else platform for years. Author and journalist, John Battelle wrote an excellent article, Do Not Build Your Brand House On Land You Don’t Own. about the dangers of relying on these platforms back in 2014. But still, people act surprised and outraged whenever the landowner commands attention.

If you not going to adhere to the agreed upon terms of the contract with the landowner, expect to be evicted.


Reply to Blog Engines and Indieweb Controlling Upstream by Brad Enslen by Chris AldrichChris Aldrich (Boffo Socko)

I’m aware of the disruption of the Gutenberg Editor within WordPress v5.0 and how it applies to those using IndieWeb technology on WordPress. I’m sure it will eventually get sorted out in a reasonable fashion. Sadly, throwing out the baby out with the bathwater as it comes to WordPress and IndieWeb may not be the best solution for many people and may actually be a painful detriment to several hundreds.

I don’t have much to add to the discussion but wanted to voice my dissatisfaction with Gutenberg and how it disrupts my recently discovered IndieWeb power (Webmentions). I considered switching to Jekyll, Hugo or Grav but ran into challenges migrating over 15 years of content and several thousand posts.