Into the Mist in Skillman

Driving along Mountain View Road in Skillman.

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I checked-in to Skillman/Princeton/Rocky Hill in Skillman, New Jersey via Swarm for iOS.

Drinking a Hop Ritual by Conclave Brewing

Pale ale brewed with mosaic and citra hops

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I am drinking Hop Ritual at Skillman/Princeton/Rocky Hill.

Hop Ritual is a Pale Ale - American by Conclave Brewing, located in Raritan Twp. Hunterdon County, NJ. Hop Ritual is described as a Pale ale brewed with mosaic and citra hops with an alcohol by volume (ABV) of 5.6 and was rated 3.25/5 with an overall Untappd rating of 3.923/5. I earned the For the Can (Level 13) badge while drinking Hop Ritual and Ryan, Tim, Gabe toasted my check-in.

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