Charles LeClerc on Ferrari Team Orders

Leclerc: Obeying team orders will depend on situation (

Asked if he would continue to obey team orders going forward, Leclerc said: "Depending on the situation.

"Obviously there will always be team orders in Formula One. But, yeah, it depends on the situation. In some situations I will."

I understand that sometimes team orders are necessary. However, I truly believe Ferrari have not made the right calls in all of the races so far this year where they have issued team orders.

I think Charles LeClerc has been doing better with his Ferrari than Sebastian Vettel. I think he had a real chance to challenge Mercedes AMG and of completing many podium finishes including first place.

I also think Valteri Bottas is driving much better this year and is able to challenge Lewis Hamilton for P1 but also finish first place in the races.

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