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Pastor Drew Downs writing about criticism of people protesting about police abuse.

Imagine if a big chunk of the American public responded to the long-term, systemic problem of clergy sex abuse in the Catholic Church with excuses. Saying that priests were justified; they felt threatened or had a rational reason to break the law and destroy another person’s life. Imagine if we argued that we shouldn’t make such a big deal out of the abuse because it makes it harder for priests to do their jobs. #priestlivesmatter. Pastor Drew Downs

Jan Dawson on Apple's decision to remove the 3.5 mm headphone jack. I think he's making the argument that the headphone jack wasn't "good enough" for Apple.

I believe there’s something about products which have strong personal associations — such as smartphones, cars, clothing, and other luxury goods — which makes them stubbornly resistant to low-end disruption. Our use of these products says something about us and using cheaper imitators may not convey the message we want. The job to be done of smartphones and other similar products, then, goes beyond their obvious functions and is another reason why “good enough” isn’t good enough for at least some buyers who can afford to be more discriminating. This continues to be one of many fascinating aspects of the smartphone market which separate it from the rest of the consumer electronics industry and continue to make it such an interesting one to follow. Jan Dawson - Founder and Chief Analyst at Jackdaw

A colleague and I were just discussing this via SMS.

… the fundamental problem with digital ID&V if it is time-consuming and challenging then it significantly detracts from the very convenience digital commerce is supposed to bring. Infosec Island

Are Cable’s Wireless Ambitions Viable? I don't know.

The question is, do Comcast and Charter have a chance in an already competitive and saturated wireless market? Well-respected equity research analysts at New Street Research have looked at this in depth and concluded cable could capture some 10% or more of the wireless market. I see some important hurdles and am a little less optimistic.MARK LOWENSTEIN

Powerful. Please click the link to read more.

Why was it treason when the Dixie Chicks didn’t like George W. Bush, but you can laugh at caricatures of our Commander in Chief, depicted in overalls, eating watermelon in the Oval Office while the First Lady, a woman of infinite class and enviable arms, stands by in a dotted headscarf, like she stepped right off a bottle of syrup, and call it freedom of speech?So, Which Is It? – It's Fine.

What’s the most loving thing you can do?

Each time I’m about to act, the best thing I can do is ask that question: What’s the most loving thing you can do in this situation? I might not always remember, but when I do, it is always a helpful question.Leo Babauta

Brian Krebs on Internet censorship.

… events of the past week have convinced me that one of the fastest-growing censorship threats on the Internet today comes not from nation-states, but from super-empowered individuals who have been quietly building extremely potent cyber weapons with transnational reach.Brian Krebs

Self Censorship

So don’t tweet. It’s not worth the risk. Don’t make phone calls. You’re being recorded. Don’t send emails. Sooner or later, we’ll all be reading them. Don’t take naked selfies, because some freak will find a way into your phone and share your photos in the seediest corners of the Internet. And the rest of us will have to look. Again, it’s not you. It’s us. On one hand, sorry for taking away your privacy, security and dignity. On the other hand, nice tits.Dave Pell on Medium