Two of the images of City Hall in the Center City section of Philadelphia taken during the Night Photography f: Philadelphia After Dark ield trip led by the instructor, David Hartz.

These are both HDR images with one image used as the main element for the light trails. I applied perspective correction and a film filter to both HDR images.

_NIKON D5100_20160430_1293_4_5_6_7_HDR
The best of my images taken during the Philadelphia at Night field trip led by instructor, David Hartz. The blue hour image license is CC0 via Unsplash.

I’m not sure which one I like better. The one taken at blue hour — the sky was overcast — or the one take during the cross over to full night.

Which one do you prefer?

NOTE: The feature image license is Creative Commons Attribution Non-Commercial.

Dedicated on June 9, 1922, the Princeton Battle Monument depicts General Washington leading his troops into the Battle of Princeton. Beaux Arts sculptor Frederick MacMonnies designed the monument.

I’m learning a bit from the night and low light photography course with Rick Wright. Rick wanted the class to bring in 6-8 images for critique. He wanted images that we felt had worked out well and images that we felt were failures. I had only captured three photos since the last class so Wednesday night I drove into Princeton. I remembered that the Princeton Battle Monument was lit at night and decided to start there. I thought that perhaps the cherry trees would be lit as well. No such luck.

I decided to capture exposure bracketed images to create long exposure HDR images. The camera and tripod were set low and pointed down the path toward the monument. That way I could get the trees, pathway, monument and some sky in the frame. However, this put the intersection of Nassau Street, Bayard Lane and Stockton Street right behind the camera. As the light faded the more the lights from the cars waiting at the light on Nassau Street affected the exposure. The challenge was in getting a proper middle exposure and shooting a set of 3-5 bracketed images.

Turns out the headlights were a blessing. The lights cast a warm orange-red glow on the path and the bottom of the trees. I’m not that happy with the sky though. I was hoping for a richer blue.