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Morning Routine

What is your daily morning routine? Does it change on the weekend?

Photographer, Brian Matiash, considers some of his morning routines and asks his readers to play along.

During the work week, the alarm rings at 6 AM, and I reluctantly exit my bed and the warmth of the electric blanket. I shower the night before so after a quick shave, brushing of the teeth, and refresh of deodorant, I dress and head downstairs to make the coffee. Showering the night before saves me some time in the morning.

Other than the timing, I like this part of my morning. I would prefer to sleep in until 7 AM. I think that's my natural "wake up" time. I almost always feel more tired when I awake at 6 AM even when I go to bed earlier. But very rarely when I awake at 7 AM if I go to sleep later.

I head downstairs and decide on breakfast, count the carbohydrates, test my blood glucose and bolus for my meal. Sometimes I may stop and login to my Mac and launch my feed reader. I tell myself I just want it to be ready for later. But sometimes I get caught up in it and time will pass and then I have to rush the rest of my morning. I could do without this.

I make coffee from freshly ground beans. I have a choice of Chemex or French Press. These days I prefer the Chemex. Unlike the French Press, pouring water in the Chemex requires focus and technique. Making the coffee is the best part of the morning. Perhaps because I get to enjoy what I made or perhaps it's that I made something.

After the coffee is ready, I sit at the computer to catch up on the "news." I read a lot of security news early in the morning. I work in an industry where it is expected that you stay on top of the latest potential threats and vulnerabilities.

I tend to avoid reading email in the morning. It feels too much like work. I feel that almost everything I get in email is a demand for me to take some action; solve some problem. I put off reading personal email as much as possible. Sometimes for days. It backs up. I tend to leave personal email responses for the end of the day. That's when I'm least able to respond cogently, but my snark is higher.

My daughter is usually up and getting ready for school at this time. I feel guilty most mornings that I am reading the news instead of using the opportunity for some one-on-one father-daughter conversations. That's the part of the morning routine that sucks. That's the part I want to work on changing.

What about you?