Autumn Hill Preserve Trail Head

Discovering the Autumn Hill Preserve Trail Head led to thoughts about the relevance of website analytics.

I just remembered about the Autumn Hill Preserve Trail Head on Blue Spring Road when I noticed it during one of my early morning walks. With the leaves and trees almost all gone, it was more visible. Seeing the sign for Autumn Hill Park got me thinking about the phrase, "If a tree falls in a forest and no one is around to hear it, does it make a sound?" which got me to think about "If a brilliant blog post is published to my website and no one reads it, does it matter?"

That got me thinking about my WordPress statistics and whether I need to look at or care about them. Like many, I am curious about who reads my content and what parts they find interesting. Ben Brooks seems to think website analytics are useless.

Whether people enjoyed your writing is all that really matters, and all that really should matter. Analytics can't tell you any of this. You can try to infer it, but people hate-read as much as they read something because they love it so anything you infer is likely wrong.

He has a point, and I will consider if I want to turn off or stop looking at my WordPress analytics.

Tip of the hat to @Pratik.


My idea of good weather is based on the acceptable amount of discomfort I can handle while drinking a cold beer.

I had not walked my morning route in two days, but yesterday morning, the air temperature of -2ºC pushed me past my comfort threshold. I don't like this type of weather. It's the inverse of summer, another part of the year I dislike, especially when the air temperatures soar past 32ºC in the shade. My idea of good weather is based on the acceptable amount of discomfort I can handle while drinking a cold beer. The shorter the amount of time, the less I like the weather.

Blue Spring Road

Capturing my neighbourhood in October with my iPhone's 6mm lens; sharing vibrant December posts to brighten winter's drabness.

During my early morning walks in October, I started photographing my neighbourhood with the 6mm lens on my iPhone 11 Pro. When I have something worth sharing, I think I will. I may or may not add words.

These posts are scheduled posts which will be “published“ in December, adding colour to the blog during the drabber winter months.