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Signs of spring along Blue Spring Road

Spring has sprung on Blue Spring Road

Tuesday Photo Challenge – Rain by jansenphotojansenphoto (Dutch goes the Photo!)

Rainy day moments!

I just released this photo and others under the @unsplash license for you to freely download and use.

Even though I spend most of it indoors, with a runny nose, and itchy and watery eyes, spring is my favourite season of the year. I grew up in the West Indies where there are no seasons. There is summer all year long. But there is a rainy season. During that “season” the rains come more frequently and last longer. The land turns an even deeper shade of green. And then the island enters a time of plentiful when the fruit trees bear so much fruit — bananas, mangoes, java plums, cashews, plum rose, soursop, sugar apple, acerola cherries, coco plum, guava, guinep, golden apple, papaya, jamun fruit — that the farmers markets are overflowing. The list of fruits is long.

Spring in the Mid-Atlantic of the United States isn’t as edible as spring in the West Indies but it’s more colourful. I have learned to enjoy the display.

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Around 6PM

I drove through Princeton earlier this week and saw the beautiful pink flowers near the Princeton Battle Monument on Stockton Road. The morning sun looked beautiful and I imagined what it would look like with an evening sun. It rained yesterday and this morning but when the sun came out later this afternoon I knew…

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