Based on Amy Tenderich's review and Bernard Farells's video I ordered the AgaMatrix WaveSense KeyNote BGM. There isn't much to tell you about this meter that you can't get from the review or the video. However, I did notice that the readings on the Keynote were higher than on the FreeStyle Flash. A lot higher. So I used the Keynote Control Solution to calibrate the meter and tested again. The results were the same I now think that my FreeStyle Flash needs to be calibrated. The FreeStyle Flash readings may have been off for a while. Even though my BG was well managed my A1C results keep coming back at about 7. Now I have learned a lesson in the importance of making sure the meter is correctly calibrated.

Shortly after I was diagnosed I was given a free meter by the hospital. It was a big bulky thing that required a bucket of blood and a day to register a reading. Since them I have purchased the FreeStyle Flash Blood Glucose Meter (one for home and one for travel) from Abbott Laboratories. It take readings in about 7 second and require but a tiny drop of blood for a reading. My endocrinologist has software into which he can download the data and graph my blood glucose over time ( albeit snapshots in time ).

Novolog FlexPenI also purchased a backpack in which I carry my Apple MacBook, FreeStyle test strips, FreeStyle Sterile Lancets, a Novolog Flexpen insulin pen, and NovoFine needles for the FlexPen. I use the OS-X version of the Calorie King Exercise and Nutrition Manager to track and chart my daily food intake and also lookup the occasional restaurant meal. My kids thinks it's cool that I have a backpack just like theirs.

AgaMatrix Keynote

Bernard Farrell, a blogger and diabetic, has posted a short video showing his use of a new blood glucose meter, the WaveSense Keynote, from AgaMatrix. I am not familiar with AgaMatrix or its products but being new to diabetes I am learning new things each day. Thanks to bloggers like Bernard and Amy Tenderich.

I browsed AgaMatrixs web site but could not find any information on availability in the USA. As a tech geek and a person with diabetes I would very much like to get my hands on this device. I have been using the excellent FreesStyle Flash from Abbott Laboratories and have been eying the now approved FreeStyle Lite but the WaveSense Keynote looks very cool ( can any medical device be described that way?) kind of like an MP3 player.

UPDATE: I found the meter and test strip on the Allegro Medical Supplies web site for around $60 and ordered one right away.

AgaMatrix Keynote

The buzz around the device appears to be its patented error correction technology, WaveSense. WaveSense corrects for "Environmental conditions such as altitude and/or temperature when the sample is taken" as well as user errors such as insufficient blood sample.

AgaMatrix also provides Zero-Click™ Data Management Software for downloading data from the device and "provides dynamic reports that allow you to spot trends in your numbers."