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Here's my blogroll

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I have a little over 100 RSS feeds in my Feedbin account. They covers a diverse set of topics around photography, Formula 1 racing, beer, diabetes, philosophy, and technology. Some of the feeds are well written and feature top end content. Some are just merely news. But among the chaff are some writers whose content I enjoy reading. These are the writers who I would gladly add to a blogroll. In fact, that's precisely what I did. I created a blogroll.

So to answer the question, "who are the people whose ideas and words have so much value for you that you access their writing directly (blogs, newsletters, etc), without depending on your social media channels as your primary conduit to their work?", read below and in the sidebar.

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One thing I did not do was describe each web site and why I chose to add them to the blogroll. I think this would be a good guide to readers. I have not had a blogroll on my web site in several years so I might experiment a bit. Perhaps I'll remove the blogroll from the side bar and move it to my about page.