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Digital Assistants and Blogging

The Future of Content Destroys the Middleman by Daniel Miessler (Daniel Miessler)

I think the content creation ecosystem—especially around blogging—will be ultimately disrupted by the rise of three interlocking componets:

  1. Digital Assistants
  2. APIs
  3. Customized interfaces

Daniels’s post has my mind stuck with several inchoate thoughts. I’m pinging Chris Aldrich (and testing Webmention) because I think he may find this interesting.

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Breaking the Web

Web of Deceit

NIKON D40 50mm f/3.5 ISO-400 1/40sec Khürt L. Williams
How the Blog Broke the Web by Amy HoyAmy Hoy

I first got online in 1993, back when the Web had a capital letter — three, in fact — and long before irony stretched its legs and unbuttoned its flan

The potato gun girl and gerbil genetics guy found they didn’t want to write updates. It didn’t make sense. Their sites should have remained a table of contents, a reference tool, an odd and slightly musty personal library… the new “posts” format simply didn’t work for what they wanted to do. It felt demanding, and…

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Self portraits

Listening to James and Patrick immediately connected, reaffirming the idea that a big problem online is that we are frequently telling the wrong stories.

We can tell the stories we think other people want to hear. We can tell skewed stories as we are often not truly honest with ourselves. We tell other people’s stories rather than our own, without comment, without opinion.

What use are the wrong stories and are we doing ourselves a disservice by telling them?

I think that's why I started blogging (a.k.a weblogging). From Wikipedia: A blog (a truncation of the expression "weblog") is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries ("posts"). Whatever happened to that last part? [exif id="32685"]

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