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I want the blogs back

Replied to I WANT THE BLOGS BACK by Peter Molnar (Peter Molnar)

Years ago we sat down and constructed our “blogs”. We gave them a part of ourselves, to make it a reflection of ourselves, in our own style, our own language. It took time and it took effort.

The tagline for my 15-year-old blog, Island in the Net, has always had the words “… with inchoate ramblings on technology, photography, beer, and geekery.”, so really nothing has changed for me. Long form articles, carefully constructed photo-essay and tech articles, link posts, Instagram type posts’ I’ve done it all on this website.

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Blog readership is dropping

My blog readership has been falling for several years. It was even lower in 2018. I am not sure if the cause is my gradual shift away from “how-to” style posts to more of a focus on photo blogging. Perhaps it’s time to return to a weekly schedule of one opinion posts, one technical post…

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