Bitburger Braugruppe's Bitburger Premium Pils

I am drinking a Bitburger Premium Pils by Bitburger Braugruppe.

I am in Rocky Hill Inn, drinking Bitburger Premium Pils by Bitburger Braugruppe. Bitburger Braugruppe is a Macro Brewery in Bitburg, . Bitburger Premium Pils beer style is Pilsner - German, with an ABV of 4.8% and IBU of 38. I gave Bitburger Premium Pils a 3 on Untappd's 5 point rating system.

Brewer's notes

Bitburger Premium Pils / Premium Beer

At Bitburger, the pure pleasure of Pilsner-style beer has a long family tradition. Since the founding of our brewery in 1817, we have dedicated ourselves fully to the quality and taste of our products.

Today, seven generations and almost 200 years later, Bitburger is still in family hands – but the small business of two centuries ago has become one of the biggest breweries in Germany, and the number one player in the draught beer market.

We owe the success of our company first and foremost to our employees, who bring real passion to their work for the company.

For us, a sense of social responsibility is simply part of what we do. Bitburger also supports many charitable and community projects, and promotes cultural and sporting events.

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