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Ben Werdmuller experiences burnout from social media and vows to prioritize meaningful tasks. Pi competes with GPT-4 and aims for user progress-based revenue.

To mitigate burnout, I have my Apple devices set to limit my social media, whether web or native apps, to just 1 hour per day. In Social, I love you, but you’re bringing me down Ben Werdmuller realises he's burned out, stressed, and sleepless due to excessive social media use. He considers the overwhelming volume of platforms, the changing nature of social media, and his personal goals. He plans to focus more on meaningful tasks and writing for himself to reclaim his attention and autonomy.

Generative AI is advancing quickly with many players in the market. Pi, an AI assistant by Inflection, now competes with GPT-4, matching quality with lower compute usage. CEO Suleyman cites Pi's growth to 1 million daily users, envisioning a paid model based on user progress. However, he cautions against humanizing AI. Despite AI's progress, pioneers like Suleyman urge cautious advancement amidst potential pitfalls.


Building towers, not tunnels by Ben WerdmüllerBen Werdmüller

Done right, failure builds immunity. I know why each failure happened. I'm stronger for the experience. And I can bring that experience to help make Unlock - and everything I do in my career - as strong as possible. Rather than letting a brick through the window transform the safety of my home into flimsy walls in dirt, I can build a more resilient home. Failure isn't an excuse to turn inwards and stay low. It's a reason to be proud and build high. I've got the tools, and the energy, and the motivation. Not from a place of naïvety, but a place of knowledge and power.