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2018-12-15 08.52.03

Blog Engines and Indieweb Controlling Upstream by Brad Brad (ramblinggit.com)

All this WordPress 5.0 Gutenberg stuff got me thinking.  With WordPress it seems like the Indieweb starts making serious and cool progress and the WordPress people come along and knock the game board and pieces off the table.  And it sounds like the disruption from WordPress is going to continue ..

I think WordPress has strayed from its roots as a blogging platform. Automattic seems interested in building a content management system to compete with Medium and Wix. I've used WordPress since 2003. I have an intense dislike of Gutenberg. Hopefully, I will have time this weekend to learn more about ClassicPress.

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My ban on EU website traffic has been lifted.

Geography of the visitors to Island in the Net.

Due to concerns about my legal responsibilities around compliance the European Union General Data Protection Regulations, I configured my Wordfence web application firewall (WAF) to block all traffic origination in EU member countries. While some people think this was an extreme move, a lack of clarity around what is expected of small website operators and…

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