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Apple Recon

I “discovered” this site while looking through the landing page of Wordpress.com. The authors have an interesting angle on the skunk works at Apple on the future of their technology. They suggest that all the recent buzz is distraction from the real work going on at Apple. Apple Recon First, a little introduction…everyone these days…

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Data protection for online apps

Chris Gilmer of Web Worker Daily poses an interesting question: “…what happens when disaster strikes?”. I am not sure of the answer. Even at the office when then servers or the network goes down work comes to standstill. Most of the data I manipulate, either via a web or rich client application, is located remotely.…

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MacLibre | Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X MacLibre is an Open Source Software Distribution for Mac OS X. Its simple, intuitive with applications you need. It brings a new way of software installation on your Mac. There isn’t much there yet; mostly some very popular apps but I expect more will follow.

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