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2019-09-12 12.37.44

Apple iPhone 11 Pro

Just finished listening to (and occasionally watching) the Apple Special Event on Apple TV. Phil Schiller is the new master of the Apple Reality Distortion Field. I want an iPhone 11 Pro. It's the iPhone I have wanted since the iPhone 4. I think I can get $50 for my iPhone 7.…

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Apple TV Pricing

Apple TV 4K and why Apple needs to realise some markets are a race to the bottom (Revert to Saved) Craig Grannell on Apple TV's pricing problem. Amazon’s new Fire TV is now in pre-order, and the contrast is stark. The lack of Dolby Vision HDR support in Amazon’s box might be a red line for some, but the unit costs a penny under 70 quid. You could buy two and still have nine quid in change compared to the…

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