Rocky Hill's local coffee retailer, Vitaliy Shakirov, has shifted his business focus from retail to wholesale. The new venture is called Rockaffe.

Choosing the right wholesale coffee supplier for your business, whether it is a coffee shop, as a complement to your restaurant, or as a business perk, is essential to meet business needs. What should you consider before you make a perfect cup of coffee for your business? Vitaliy Shakirov

Ben Werdmüller wrote a blog post about the best way to get started blogging in 2020.

In an attempt to mitigate gender discrimination in the board room California passed a law that amounts to gender discrimination. Shareholders are suing.

California state legislative districts are so large that it dilutes the electoral power of political minorities. Libertarian activist is part of a group that's trying to get federal courts to force the state to add more seats to the state legislature.

According to Bloomberg, Apple is planning to bundle Apple Music, Apple News, and Apple TV+. I am not an Apple News subscriber, but I subscribe to Apple Music, and I am currently on a free one year trial of Apple TV+. While there are only a few shows I find interesting, the quality of the content on Apple TV+ is quite good. Assuming Apple does offer music, news, and streaming bundle at a decent price point, say $25/month, I would sign up.

I am listening to my 1990's playlist in memory of Kurt Cobain, born February 20 1967, who took his own life on April 5, 1995. I was talking about these bands with my wife when I created this playlist several weeks ago. It's interesting that many of these bands had somebody who took their own lives. Were they trying to tell us something and we couldn't hear it? This is the music that I listened to just before I finished my second degree and while in college and graduate school. I felt very much alone back then. I completed my graduate degree the month after Kurt Cobain's death. He was just one year younger than me.