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iTunes Preview

Last week, Apple removed the iOS App Store from iTunes. iTunes is now focused exclusively on music, movies, television, podcasts, and audiobooks. For me, it’s a loss. Craig Grannell thinks Apple could have learned something from Google’s approach. Google has always been more comfortable with the internet than Apple, and in this area Apple now…

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The 8GB iPhone is ridiculous

… what I want to point out is that, today, offering a device like the iPhone with just 8GB of internal storage is simply ridiculous. It could work if the App Store didn’t exist, but let’s be frank here: 8GB are barely manageable once you put music on the device and start shooting photos and…

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Sunrise calendar app for iPad

Despite its iPhone-only availability, the free app has grown to become one of the most popular third-party iOS calendar apps, consistently ranking in the App Store’s top 100 productivity apps in the final quarter of last year. Almost a year on, Sunrise developers Pierre Valade and Jeremy Le Van have decided it’s finally time to…

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