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Pressgram! An Image Sharing App Built for an Independent Web.

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John Saddington didn't like the terms of service of most online photo sharing services. He wanted to keep ownership and control of his photography. He discovered that there were many other photographers who shared his concerns. John wanted to combine the power of the WordPress publishing platform -- something he's also quite passionate about -- with his love of mobile photography. So he did something about it. He started a Kickstarter project to create an application -- Pressgram -- that…

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Nassau Hall

Nassau Hall, Princeton, Princeton University, History

My 52-week photography is going well. I've shot my images on weekends and posting them on the blog on Sunday evenings. I spend time during the week thinking and planning the what and where of the images I want to capture. It has worked well. I was on 500.px and Google+ this week looking at some of the incredible HDR images captured by +Trey Ratcliff and others. This weekend I wanted to do more HDR imagery and thought that perhaps…

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