Troon Brewing's Air Corpse

Want To Live To Be 90? Drink Coffee (And Beer)

I am drinking a Air Corpse by Troon Brewing at Rocky Hill, NJ.

Want To Live To Be 90? Drink Coffee (And Beer)

Tastes like a cold brewed Rojo’s coffee. So after swigging the glass I read the 10% label and realize that drinking a Troon coffee cream stout is bound to extend my life. That is the way I am interpreting this article. I am drinking a coffee cream stout. That’s a coffee beer. Twice the longevity power. Right?

[exif id=“36191"]

Beer: Air Corpse
Style: Stout - Imperial Milk / Sweet
Alcohol by volume (ABV): 10.7%
IBU: 0
My rating: 4.25/5
Venue: Rocky Hill, NJ, Rocky Hill, NJ
Brewery: Troon Brewing, Hopewell, NJ, United States
Brewer's notes: The logical extension of Carrion Luggage, and once again in collaboration with Rojo’s coffee.