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Lightroom CC the old and Lightroom CC the new

What the Heck is (The New) Lightroom CC? by Richard HarringtonRichard Harrington (Photofocus)

Adobe just announced that there are now TWO VERSIONS of Lightroom. There is the previous Lightroom (now called Lightroom Classic CC) and a new product called Lightroom CC. Let's try to make sense of the new application. What is Lightroom CC Lightroom CC is a whole new app that is built on the same imaging technology…

Lightroom CC syncs everything to all devices including mobile devices. I think there are pros and cons to that.

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How to Upload Photos Directly From Adobe Lightroom to WordPress

Automattic recently released a plugin for Adobe Lightroom that instantly simplified my photography publishing workflow. The plugin allows the user to export images direct from Lightroom to or a self-hosted WordPress website. Installing, configuring and using the plugin was straightforward and easy. I’ll explain how it’s done. Installation Download the plug from and…

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