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Photos for Mac isn’t a long term photo library option – Colin Devroe by an author (cdevroe.com)

If you want to use iCloud Photo Library to sync your photos between devices, and even use it as a way to have a full backup of your photos, I suppose you can. However, after doing that for a few years and then wanting to move away from it – I would not recommend Photos on Mac or iCloud Photo Library as a long term photo library solution.

I've been advising friends and family about this for years. I switched from iPhoto (what Photos used to be) to Adobe Lightroom several years ago. The Adobe Lightroom CC mobile app syncs my iPhone photos (over cellular or Wi-Fi) via Adobe's Creative Cloud back to the Adobe Lightroom CC app. My backup software, CrashPlan, takes…

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Adobe’s iOS app failure?

Adobe's iOS app failure by Jason Snell (Six Colors)

Now, how many hours per year do I spend in the five different iOS apps that bear the imprint of the Photoshop product family, many of whom are only accessible to people who (like me) have active Creative Cloud subscriptions? (Keeping in mind that I often travel with only my iPad Pro, and do an awful lot of my work on the iPad these day.)

The answer is zero. I never use them.

I use Adobe Photoshop Lightroom Mobile all the time. I don't know if Jason has used Lightroom but it works quite well. I don't think it's possible for Adobe to incorporate the full functionality of the desktop version but most of what I need is there. I don't use any of the other Adobe apps…

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