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During the week or sometimes on the weekend, I come across articles and blog posts that make me pause to think. I want to share them with you.

I'll be 50 next week. I've been a technologist since I was a kid. My dad bought me my first computer when I was 13. Wrote my first app that same year. I studied physics in college and engineering in graduate school but I'm mostly self-taught. I'm finding that I can no longer keep pace with the change. Is this how it's meant to be?

I’ll admit that as I get older my anxiety around technology is growing. I know that I can no longer pace with all of the change and I have to pick and choose even more selectively than ever before.
- John Saddington

I'm not a Christian. I was brought up Roman Catholic but I haven't attended mass in almost 40 years. But I do enjoy the writing of Pastor Drew Downs.

Ten years ago, we worried about our young people leaving the church. And we were shocked to find that nearly all of them think Christians are hypocrites. True too of young adults in the church.

We need to stop proving them right.

And we need to stop with the bigotry and obsession with sex. The infighting and the trashing on other denominations. Or worrying more about our buildings than our neighbors; about the people who show up each week and not the homeless in the street or the students across it.

We need to stop thinking that faith is defined by the culture we grew up in. But instead prove that it is a daily dying to ourselves and transgressing our culture on behalf of the one who is hurt and broken and left for dead.

We need to stand up to evil to protect the weak. To stand in the breach and bring peace to people at war. And make our churches sanctuaries for those needing healing once again. Not temples in exaltation to the powerful people among us.

After this election, I don’t know why anyone would respect our faith. I don’t.

So our work today is to prove us all wrong.
- Our work just got harder

A message from Marco Arment for young people feeling despair over a Donald Trump presidency.

Most people in the world are good, and want to be good to each other. Whether they vote that way or not, far more Americans believe in progressive, liberal, inclusive views than regressive, aggressive, conservative ones.

Young people know this better than anyone, because young people are overwhelmingly liberal, even more than older people. That’s not because you’re inexperienced — it’s because you’re right. Your generation is, by definition, further ahead on the march of progress than everyone else. It is literally you who cause the progress as older people die and you rise into power.
- A letter to today's young people

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