Sunday Morning Links

By on January 13th, 2008 in General

On Sunday night, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg will appear on “60 Minutes” to tell the world that Facebook is in trouble. - GigaOm

What can/should you do with an OpenID end-point? - Scott Kveton

Yet another reason for open records, and replying to Joy - Paradise Preoccupied

A confident Mac megasite confirms MacBook Nano - Appletell

Workstreaming: One Secret of Web Work Success - Web Worker Daily

2 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Links”

  1. I don't just read tech. I find all kinds of interesting stuff when just paddling around the web. That's the ... in my tag line and don't forget my "inchoate thought".

  2. Thanks to the link to my blog, but I must admit to being a bit confused since I have no tech in my blood at all.

    I am now, and have always been a Mac user, however. My first had 128 k of memory and I clearly recall upgrading to the 512 and being astonished!

    Times change ...

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