Submitting a podcast to iTunes

This one is for my friend, Garba Goddess, whose Generation 1.5 podcast is a humourous and thought provoking look at desi immigrants and their first generation children. I suggested to the Goddess that she submit her podcast to iTunes, by far one of the most popular sites for downloading music, movies, and podcast. Of course, having suggested that I then have to show her how. So Goddess here goes:

Firstly, one will need a copy of Apple’s iTunes software for your platform. iTunes is available for Windows and OS X. Launch iTunes and click the green “Music Store” icon. This will take you into the cluttered screen of the Apple Music Store.

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Off to the left of the Music Store page you will see a link for podcasts. Click that link to access the podcast section of the Apple Music Store.

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“Inside the Music Store” panel you will see a link to “Submit a Podcast”. Click that link to be taken to the a page where you can enter the URL for your podcast feed.

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In this case we will enter the feed for Generation 1.5 which is

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Click the â??Continueâ?? button and you will be prompted to enter your iTunes account credentials. That security geek speak for login id and password. If you do not have an iTunes account then go ahead and create one.

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If this is the first time using iTunes you will be presented with Apple’s iTunes agreement. After accepting that you will see a screen with details on your podcast. Unfortunately, Goddess, your podcast is classified as International which iTunes thinks mean non-English. Unless you pick from one of the many non-English subcategories, iTunes will not let you proceed. I chose Australian as a subcategory.
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Click “Done” to return to the iTunes Music Store main page

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