Street Photography Ethics

Why you shouldn’t do street photography: the problem of ethics and representation - DIY Photography by (DIY Photography)

Jamie believes and I agree that empathy is the greatest tool we can use to determine what’s ethical and what’s not. We need to put ourselves into other people’s shoes before making assumptions and snapping a photo based on them. Ask yourself what your motives and if taking that photo will make you feel uneasy. Be brutally honest yourself with the answer. And if your gut feeling tells you not to do it – then it might be best to just put your camera down.

I agree with much of this.

When we see the person for a fleeting moment in the street, we know nothing about them and their life story. We’re limited by our own experiences. The assumptions we make could be completely wrong.

And I also agree that we:

should try and get to know our subjects and form an empathetic connection with them. This could give us a more accurate representation of their personality.

Author: Khürt Williams

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