Honey Brook Organic Farm is one of the oldest operating organic farms in New Jersey, and the oldest certified organic Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) program in the Garden State. Today we went to the farm to pick up our produce and pick fresh strawberries. We have been members since 2006.

The strawberry fields are at the other end of the farm from the farm stand. There is a grass trail that leads from the farm stand to the fields. It also winds around behind the farm into the Stoney Brook Watershed.
Because the farm is organic we don’t worry about pesticides and other toxins. The strawberries often don’t make it back to the house. You’ve not tasted good strawberries until you’ve had them picked fresh from the field.
The sky was overcast with dark grey clouds threatening to open up and wash us away but a cool wind blew across the fields of lettuce.
I like the way the red of the barn stood out next to the grey of the old grain silos.
Despite the grey sky I found little pockets of colour around the farm.
The lack of clear bright sky meant that my subjects were illuminated with a soft light. Once I got home I weeded out the photos I did not want. Anything that did not keep my interested was deleted. To punch up the flat look of the images I decided to pass them through Photomatix Pro and make some HDR images.
Since I shoot raw this was easy. In Lightroom, I exported five copies of each image as a TIF. Then I used the exposure tool to increase and decrease the exposure of each of four of the images by 1/3 of an f-stop. Then the set of images is processed and tone mapped in Photomatix Pro before being exported back to Lightroom.