Spruce Street Harbor Park

The dog had a mind of it’s own. She was constantly saying “no”.

Several years ago we took a leisurely cruise along the Delaware River. The cruise was part of a Mother’s Day special organized by the Spirit of Philadelphia. My kids were much younger and wanted to do something special for their mother. We had breakfast, listened to music, and then stood out on the deck enjoying the early spring weather.

After the cruise, we strolled along the little strip of the Harbor Park. It was under construction at the time.

Before checkout, on the day after the wedding we were attending at the Hilton, I took a walk outside and snapped a few images around Spruce Street Harbor Park.

Welcome to Spruce Street Harbor Park
The duck.
The ducks.
Patriot Harbor Lines
Located in the Marina at Penn’s Landing, the Oasis consists of three landscaped barges, a net lounge, and floating gardens. The barges feature an ADA-compliant boardwalk, beautiful raw metal railings, and tons of seating. The cantilevered net lounge, inspired by Caribbean resorts, is a place where visitors can relax while suspended 4 feet above the water. The floating gardens are constructed from a durable, non-toxic post-consumer plastic, and used around the country for wetland restoration. Not only are they aesthetically beautiful, but they also serve to clean the water in the marina.
Oasis, Spruce Street Harbor Park, Penn’s Landing, Philadelphia
The Oasis
Barge Oasis
Over 50 colorful handmade hammocks are strung throughout the park to create a relaxing place to spend summer days and nights.
Why so glum?
Franklin Sugar Shack
Cruiser Olympia

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