Virginia Beach

Whenever I'm out shooting or traveling I have two cameras; my Nikon and my iPhone. However, I often find myself shooting more with the iPhone than with the Nikon. Perhaps it's the immediacy of it, but sometimes I just prefer the images captured on the iPhone to the one's I captured on the Nikon.

My iPhone lens has a scratch though. Right in the middle of all my images is a small dot. I thought about waiting until I return from my trip so I could remove it in Adobe Lightroom.

We left New Jersey around 8AM and made real time through Delaware along the scenic Route 13. We stopped in Salisbury, MD just around lunch time, choosing to dine at Panera. We got to the Chesapeake Bay Bridge Tunnel around 3PM and stopped once again to look around.

Bhavna and I have crossed this bridge a few times on our way to Virginia for business trip but this our first time with the kids. We stayed for 30 minutes watching people fish along the pier.

We made it to our destination, an 8 bedroom rental property on Sandbridge, before the rest of Bhavna's family so we had some time to explore.

We made it down to the beach the next day. It was very overcast but bright. Very soft lighting.

The water was cold. Not that it mattered to me. Ocean water needs to be blue-green in colour before I'll step foot in it. Some of the kids and adults had fun using boogie boards while I snapped a few photos of the smaller kids playing in the sand.

We had a storm that night. The beach was a different place the next day. There were jelly fish carcasses along the sand with bits of driftwood and broken shells.

We didn't stay too long at the beach that day. The water felt even colder than the previous day so I rushed back to the pool. Everyone else returned an hour later. We splashed at the pool right up until dinner time.

The Charles Kuralt Trail has been established to help people enjoy these wildlands and to recognize the broadcast journalist who shared the delights and wonders of out-of-the-way places like these.

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