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Where Will the Current State of Blogging and Social Media Take Us? by Jacky AlcinéJacky Alciné (

There’s this concept in engineering called the single point of failure; the notion that by centralizing a lot of critical processes, you increase the chance of failure (catastrophic or not) to occur. One could say that by using platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter or the like. Currently, my “identity” is still splintered across multiple places/services on the Web. To fulfill what I’m reaching at, I’d have to have be the place where my images are posted from, my blog posts are published at, my check-ins are stored and so forth. There is a concern with security and it’s actually relatively reasonable.

I wish that I could post first on my website and have an entry immediately created on Untappd or Foursquare, etc. 100% POSSE. The community aspects of those services is what keeps me tied to them.

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