smartwatch or dumb idea?

The parallelism ‘from pocket watch to wristwatch’ = ‘from smartphone to smartwatch’ doesn’t really work as seamlessly as the author suggests. On the one hand, you have the same object, a watch, that’s made practical by strapping it to your wrist instead of being in your pocket and attached to your trousers or waistcoat. It changes location, but not its inherent functionality.

On the other hand, moving a smartphone from the pocket to the wrist poses multiple design challenges, but in a nutshell you simply can’t have on your wrist the same object you now carry in your pocket, because a smartphone does a thousand things more than a watch. It’s not that simple. Not even for Apple.Riccardo Mori

Ricardo and Marco express my feelings about the arguments for a smartwatch quite eloquently.

Author:Khürt Williams

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